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Milwaukee police are now evaluating death threats made on Twitter against Scott Walker in the wake of his victory last night.



Death threats are never something to be ignored, so it’s good that the police are looking into this. However, for our money, we’re betting—and hoping—that the tweets in question, which you can see here, were probably just expressions of anger composed in the heat of the moment. 

I love how it’s being spun: “angry liberals are flooding Twitter.” Yes, such noted left-wing influencers as @SupaMcNasty, @SeXXX_Symbol and @IWuzGetnSumHead have made their opinions known here, in this august venue we know as The Internet. And who really is to blame here, the idiots on Twitter doing what idiots on Twitter do, or the journalist who did a search for “kill scott walker?” Do a search on “kill miley cyrus” and plenty more shit comes up; what does that tell us? 

Last week, the drummer of some band tweeted that he wishes it wasn’t illegal to repeatedly punch and then shoot me. 8 of his fans replied that they’d do it for him, one of whom reasoned that since he’s underage, all he would get is reform school. I would love to have been outraged, but my first and only thought on the matter was, “Oh, look: someone has a bong and 12 seconds.” The internet runs on death threats. I wish it didn’t, but there it is. Nothing to see here. 

Maybe instead of trying to weave a story out of the half-thoughts of a bunch of children who were bored for the minute before last night’s Tosh.0 started, the people who get paid to speak and to write and to lead and to shape thought could try treating their opponents like human beings with dignity and see if that shit doesn’t trickle down. 

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